5 book fandoms you simply need to join!

You simply can’t ignore these fandoms. They are everywhere. So…wanna give them a try? Unless you’re already part of them, of course.


If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter yet, you must have lived under a rock all of your life. Potterheads are active and ready to fangirl at anyyyy time. Especially when Pottermore was around as more than a site of Harry Potter news. That site was the essence of the potterhead community. As magical as the books. Everyone had their nicknames, their friends and their favourite chat. It’s a shame it’s gone now. But I’m not here to rant about Pottermore. My point is: this fandom is a must.


The THG fandom is pretty active and creative: there’s lots of fanfiction, photos & news going around all the time. The books are fantastic and the community is great.


Ah, who doesn’t love those books? They are masterpieces and they deserve an equally awesome fandom. Well, they do have one. It’s a great & creative community worth checking out.


Well, this one’s certainly not as popular as the first two entries, but the books are written in a style that’s quite unique and the fandom is surprisingly popular. There’s a FB group that posts a lot and I was quite amazed at how active it was.


Well, I bet that you don’t know these books. They’re childish, true, but they’re good and somehow they keep you hooked. I really did not expect these books to have a fandom, but they do! I managed to locate a group on FB that is very very active – rants, comments, fan art, roleplaying and everything you might need.



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